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Cubist painting of The Jazz Professors alongside the title Blues and Cubes

Blues and Cubes: The Jazz Professors Play Picasso

Available August 8, 2022

Blues and Cubes, the fourth album from The Jazz Professors on Flying Horse Records, is inspired by the profound art of Pablo Picasso. The album explores Picasso’s work in parallel with groundbreaking 20th century jazz. It features original tracks from The Jazz Professors alongside compositions by Sidney Bechet and Charlie Parker.


  1. Blue Lamp (Jeff Rupert)
  2. Dora Maar (Per Danielsson)
  3. Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (Jeff Rupert)
  4. Blue Steel (Jeff Rupert)
  5. Segment (Charlie Parker)
  6. View of Heaven (Per Danielsson)
  7. Promenade aux Champs-Élysées (Sydney Bechet)
  8. Promenade in Blue (Jeff Rupert)
  9. Picasso’s Blue Lobster (Richard Drexler)
  10. The Iberian (Jeff Rupert)
Photo of the album on compact disk
Mid-century-style cartoon portrait of The Jazz Professors

About the Band

The Jazz Professors is a sextet of American jazz musicians who have performed, recorded and toured with a veritable “who’s who” of the jazz realm. In addition, they are faculty members of the Jazz Studies program at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida.

Jeff Rupert, saxophone
Dan Miller, trumpet
Per Danielsson, piano
Bobby Koelble, guitar
Richard Drexler, bass
Marty Morell, percussion

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